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Apr 15, 2023

Full-Service Marketing Agency

Expanded Automotive Client Portfolio Through Strategic Advisory & Direct New Business.

The full-service marketing agency in question is prioritising customer-centric strategies that shape communication strategies. With a suite of specialised businesses covering every aspect of the customer journey, this agency brings brands closer to their audience in a unique and comprehensive manner. Their multidisciplinary teams, including creative, digital, content, PR, in-store promotion, and animation specialists, adeptly distill complex marketing data to uncover crucial insights. These insights inform highly successful campaigns for a prestigious roster of clients, including PlayStation, Gucci, Amazon, Bose, The Body Shop, Orange, Garmin, and Mazda, resulting in impactful outcomes that drive revenue growth.

About the company

Behind the company's success is a foundational hub of creative and collaborative senior leadership in every sense of the word. Every project begins with putting the customer's needs at the forefront. They curate bespoke marketing experiences that resonate deeply with their clients' audiences, fostering authentic connections that endure. With a specialised focus on automotive branding, teams blend digital expertise with strategic insight to deliver impactful campaigns that captivate and inspire. A holistic approach ensures that brands like Amazon, PlayStation, Gucci,  and Garmin achieve tangible results that surpass expectations.

A key differentiator for the full-service marketing agency in question is its unparalleled expertise in the automotive category. Leveraging a deep understanding of the automotive industry, they craft tailored campaigns that resonate with both brands and consumers, driving impactful results in a competitive sector.

What we did

Sugar Beet spearheaded the development of a strategic pipeline, while providing advisory on annual content calendars and masterclass agendas, to secure a major automotive client amid a significant account review. By managing the HubSpot CRM and engaging directly in phone and email conversations with multiple decision-makers within each company, we effectively communicated and tailored our strategies.

Our Account-Based Marketing approach to securing these prospects led to substantial new business wins with leading automotive brands such as Bentley, Audi, Volvo, SKODA, and Mercedes Benz Trucks, among others.

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