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Mar 31, 2023

Experiential Agency

Amplified Growth Securing Strategic Introductions & New Business

The experiential agency under consideration specialises in crafting immersive retail experiences designed to forge lasting connections with customers. Their expertise spans from innovative social selling techniques to interactive video shopping and engaging masterclasses. Operating extensively across Europe, they employ actionable insights and a direct, astute approach to push the boundaries of brand engagement. Their dedication to innovation and excellence in delivering data-driven, high-quality retail experiences has positioned them as a leading force in the industry, continually shaping the future of omnichannel shopping.

About the company

The driving force behind this company's success lies in its relentless pursuit of customer-centric innovation. By crafting immersive omnichannel retail experiences, the company fosters enduring connections between brands and their customers, driving both ROI and lifetime loyalty.

At the core of their approach is a team of forward-thinking individuals, fuelled by a passion for creativity and strategic thinking. With a focus on delivering memorable retail experiences supported by actionable insights, they empower clients to thrive in diverse markets and platforms. Their straightforward, collaborative approach encourages bold thinking and meaningful partnerships with major brands.

By harnessing the power of premium, data-driven strategies, the company creates valuable community engagement opportunities that shape the future of brand-consumer interactions. From pre-purchase engagement to post-sale support, their mission is clear: to build lasting relationships that unlock growth potential for brands.

Driven by a vision to lead the omnichannel retail experience landscape, the company empowers brands to connect, delight, and inspire customers across every touchpoint. With a wealth of retail experience and expertise in customer engagement, their award-winning team continues to push the boundaries of innovation, shaping the future of retail experiences for brands worldwide.

What we did

Sugar Beet collaborated closely with their senior leadership to unearth immediate new business opportunities within their existing dataset. Our efforts involved streamlining and prioritising content for marketing and sales emails, optimising HubSpot CRM for efficiency, and devising winning strategies to secure key accounts. As a result, we achieved significant wins with renowned global brands, including Google. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to their team on HubSpot best practice and effective email communication. Our advisory role extended to identifying key content topics, crafting engaging website blog content, and facilitating valuable introductions, further bolstering their business growth endeavours.

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