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Jan 19, 2023

Award-winning beverage branding agency

Crafted new business campaigns that drove beverage-specific RFIs & RFPs

This award-winning branding agency stands at the forefront of beverage design, specialising in everything from bottle and packaging design to comprehensive branding assets. Nestled within their studio walls, a team of traditional artists brings an authentic craft to the industry, infusing each project with unique, handcrafted artistry.

About the company

Their commitment to excellence and a hands-on approach have made them a revered name in creating distinctive and memorable identities for beverages, ensuring that each brand they touch not only stands out on the shelves but also resonates deeply with consumers. And, unlike an increasing number of branding agencies who rely heavily on digital techniques, this agency distinguishes itself with a team of traditional artists. These artists bring timeless craftsmanship to each project, from hand-drawn illustrations to custom typography, giving brands a unique, authentic feel that digital methods often cannot replicate.

Additionally, the agency's deep involvement in every aspect of beverage branding—from initial concept and bottle design to final packaging and supportive marketing assets—ensures a cohesive and compelling brand identity. This holistic approach not only enhances brand consistency across various mediums but also elevates the consumer's experience, making the agency's work particularly standout in a crowded market. This agency's work is consistently recognised as award-winning due to their a fluid, brand-first approach that transcends traditional beverage branding.  This agency empowers alcohol brands with timeless creative solutions, creating work consistently recognised as award-winning due to their a sharp, brand-first approach that transcends traditional beverage branding.

What we did

In collaboration, Sugar Beet equipped the agency with HubSpot CRM, establishing a robust framework for their potential client relationship management. We crafted a comprehensive content strategy, advising on ideal prospects and creating a tailored email marketing campaign from scratch. Through strategic inbound and account-based marketing techniques, we significantly expanded their database, enhancing visibility in their chosen specific category of beverages.  Our efforts culminated in securing coveted introductions with three of the world's largest beverage brands, marking a milestone achievement in their business development initiatives.

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